Qlik Qonnections

Qlik is a global leader in visual data analytics software. I've been involved with their digital presence for over four years... so I know all the "Q" puns. In fact, the name of this project is one of them.

A bunch of nerds

“Qonnections” is Qlik’s yearly blowout event, bringing customers & partners together from all over the world to geek out on data analytics. They needed a microsite to reel in potential attendees, while at the same time displaying critical details like conference schedules and travel planning.

My role for the project was creative lead, which involved elements of research & strategy, UI wireframing, visual branding, and visual design.

Real pencils & paper

Pencil sketch wireframes played a huge part in the foundation of this project.  With  so many different kinds of information to display, we had to get creative with layouts — wireframe exploration helped save time in the long run by helping us nail down page flows before a single pixel was pushed.


Qlik doesn’t have a very broad digital brand, so we were given free reign to expand on the visual system. We wanted to create a microsite that felt like a relative of Qlik, but not it’s twin... something more like that one weird cousin with green hair and a few piercings.

The font, rings, and color palette were just about the only things we borrowed. As we guessed might happen, the client went with the most conservative design — this was not necessarily a disappointment, as the design was still far more compelling that their existing digital experience.