Lithium Product Tour

Lithium is a global leader in social media management technology, helping brands grow their influence and create a loyal community. I worked with Lithium for five years at Active Ingredients as creative lead for the account. 

SaaS Products are Boring

As powerful as Lithium software is, it’s also vastly complicated, and hard to fully explain in the context of a normal web page. We desperately needed a way show off the nitty gritty details of the software (often left unseen until farther into the sales funnel) while at the same time giving the product storytelling arc a good kick in the pants.

So, after years of incremental improvements to their product pages, we agreed it was finally time to develop an interactive tour. It had to be dead simple to use, flexible enough to be re-used for their entire product platform, and of course, effective in generating high quality leads for the sales team. Simple, right?

Process is Key

Our main challenge was finding the perfect interface layout. Thanks to a thorough process of research > user-flow > content > wireframes > design > prototypes > dev > launch > testing > iterating (WHEW!) we landed a deceptively simple template that excelled where most other tours fail.  A linear guided flow, large imagery, simple language, and a mobile-responsive design all contribute to the perfect tour experience.

Meet Janice

We cast a real Lithium employee as the tour guide. Janice is there from start to finish, adding human touch and casual voice to the tour which (we hope) will lead to a higher engagement rate overall.